Big Ben and the English Parliament (London)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

June Task

  • Those of you who have not passed this subject will have another opportunity to retake it in June.
  • Click on your group to see the tasks required.
  • Good luck!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Postcard.

Holland, March 3rd 2014

 Hi María!

Greetings from Holland!   I’m in
Zaanse Schans, visiting an amazing village full of windmills.  The weather is nice.  Tomorrow, I’m  going to visit a museum and  see how clogs are made. Maybe, we are having lunch in a typical Dutch restaurant.

I''ll be back next week! See you soon!


  • To make questions about someone's holiday you can use Present Continuous/To be going to 

__________ are you ____________ -ing? 

         1. When?     2. Where?    3.  Who / with?    4.  How / get there?   4.  What /  do 

         5.  Where /  stay?      6.  What   /   see?      7.  What  /  buy?       8.  What  /   eat? 

         9.  How long  /   stay?      10.   How /  come back? 

  • Do some EXERCISES on Future Plans and Intentions.