Big Ben and the English Parliament (London)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Watch the clip and answer the questions.

1) Which superheroes appear in the clip?
2) What's the problem with the girl's costume?
3) What's the solution to the problem? Is the girl happy with it?
4) Which costume is the man in red wearing? What's his special superpower?
5) Where are they going?


Publish your answers as a comment with your name. There will be POSITIVES for the ones with the best answers.

Have you ever seen an episode of this TV-series? What's its name?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Missing Coins Summary


The Missing Coins

is a mystery story. Pete and Carla are

students, visiting the city of Bath in England. While they

are walking around looking at the shops and buildings

they hear music in a quiet street. A man is playing a flute.

He is standing next to the window of a shop which sells

coins and stamps. They go into the shop and have a look.

Pete wants some stamps, but they are expensive and the

girl shop assistant is unfriendly. Pete and Carla then go to

a café for a drink.

To their surprise, the shopkeeper comes to find them

there. He says that some of his coins are missing. He

thinks Pete and Carla have stolen them. He looks in

Carla’s bag and their pockets in front of a policeman, but

it turns out that they have not taken them.

Later, Carla hears the music again. She realises how the

coins were stolen: The girl in the shop has made a plan

with the flute player. She drops the coins into the flute

player’s hat through the open window. Carla explains this

to the policeman. The policeman finds the missing coins

in the flute player’s hat.

The shopkeeper is so pleased with Carla and Pete that he,

in return, gives Pete the stamps that he wants.

1) Translate the summary in your language and find out the meaning of the words in purple.
2) Watch this video about Bath and do the exercises.
3) Prepare an oral presentation to do in class.